Risk: Game 2, Friday June 16, 2017

5 pm -9 pm

At Breed Art Studios

Coming up, June 2 till July 8, 2017



Three artists, Suzanne de Graaf, Maarten van Schaik and Tinca Veerman will bring their art to BreedArt studios. The artists work in different disciplines: Photography, sculpture, collage and painting. The art pieces which are shown will act as pawns as they are used in the game of ‘Risk’ ,which is a well known strategic game that evolves around the concept of conquering land, migration and confrontation. The object of this exhibition is to explore our borders and confront each other’s artworks in a refreshing yet awkward and sometimes even uncomfortable way. The artists will rearrange the works during the exhibition period as if they were playing a game and observe what will happen to their relations. The ‘pawns’ can challenge, provoke, arouse or blend in to each other…

to be continued…

BreedArt Studios





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