My sculptures represent touch, sensuality and imperfection which needs to be protected. 

I hide my vulnerabilities and emotions in my sculptures. In this way I try to protect them against the outside world. My thoughts are ordened by using materials like fabric, glass, plaster and pur foam.

I treat my work as arrangements. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove, hide or fade certain parts to emphasize the vulnerability of the body in the sculpture. The outcome is a sculpture which seems to exist on its own.

A new creature emerges, exposed, but at the same time concealed from its surroundings. 


‘Mirror mirror on the wall’ 2022


 ‘untitled’ untitled


‘untitled’ 2022


‘Boksvogel’ 2022


‘Horsegirl’, Lagedor event, Crypt gallery London, 2023








‘Van tafel’ Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam 2021


Gallery Kunst Kan’ ‘Kreuken Wenden en Keren’, Amsterdam 2020


l’Age D’or event at Sociëteit Sexyland, Amsterdam 2019



Salon des artistes, Ateliers BaZtille, Zoetermeer 2019







Sculptures 2016


2010-2014 (selection)

w.v.t.t.k. exhibition ‘ de Kolk Gallery’ Spaarndam, 2014




Op-onder de tafel, Chiellierie, Amsterdam

exhibition NP40, Amsterdam ‘ontpoppingen’ 2009, Amsterdam


‘Quarantaine’ AMC Amsterdam



exhibition ‘InTransit’ in Arti et Amicitiae, 2006 Amsterdam


sculptures -2000-2006, selection


sculptures 1994-2000, selection