My sculptures represent touch, sensuality and imperfection which needs to be protected. 

I hide my vulnerabilities and emotions in my sculptures. In this way I try to protect them against the outside world. My thoughts are ordened by using materials like fabric, glass, plaster and pur foam.

I treat my work as arrangements. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove, hide or fade certain parts to emphasize the vulnerability of the body in the sculpture. The outcome is a sculpture which seems to exist on its own.

A new creature emerges, exposed, but at the same time

concealed from its surroundings.







2020 group exhibition, ‘Van tafel’ at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam



2020 exhibition: Gallery Kunst Kan; Kreuken Wenden en Keren, Amsterdam

2019 Exhibition: l’Age D’or event at Sociëteit Sexyland, Amsterdam




2019, Salon des artistes, Ateliers BaZtille, Zoetermeer






Sculptures 2017


Sculptures 2016

Sculptures 2015

Sculptures 2010-2014 (selection)

w.v.t.t.k. exhibition ‘ de Kolk Gallery’ Spaarndam




Op-onder de tafel, Chiellierie, Amsterdam

exhibition NP40, Amsterdam ‘ontpoppingen’ 2009, Amsterdam


‘Quarantaine’ AMC Amsterdam



exhibition ‘InTransit’ in Arti et Amicitiae, 2006 Amsterdam


sculptures -2000-2006, selection


sculptures 1994-2000, selection