Painting, tapestries

Stretched bat 2021


2021, ‘ unicorns are real’ tapestry




2018 enchanted appearance




oil on paper

While driving in my car I often take photographs.

Empty roads, the endless views and the never ending horizon. Through the frame of the windscreen I see the horizon in the middle, the sky above and the road below.

Literally and figuratively I drive towards a vanishing point. The ´non-moment´. This non-moment I try to register on two pieces of transparent fabric stitched together with a seam in the middle that acts as a horizon.

This material is partly see-through. The paint is layered on top of the fabric. Sometimes parts of the framework appear through the transparent fabric. The fabric becomes even more transparent because of the oxalic oil I use to prepare the fabric; this material also serves as the base for the oil-paint.

For me, paint is just coloured matter; the backside of the transparent cloth is just as important to the painting as the front.

Photography helps me to freeze the fast changing landscape that I see as I speed by in my car. With oil-paint I convert the dynamic of this snapshot onto the transparent fabric.